Feeling Lost, Feeling Seen

by Anna Toth

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released July 2, 2015

Produced By: Cone McCaslin + Darcy Ataman

Mixed By: David Bottrill @ Mainstation Studio, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Engineered By: Kevin Dietz

Recorded @ Metalworks Studios, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada + Rat Room Studio, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Mastered by : Kristian Montano @ Lacquer Channel Mastering, Toronto, Ontario, Canada



all rights reserved


Anna Toth Vancouver, British Columbia

Anna Toth is a accidental, apologetic musician who overanalyzes little things to death and then writes songs about them.

With vocals that have been compared to Kina Grannis, Colbie Caillat, Amy Winehouse, and Lana Del Rey; Anna manages to blend haunting melancholy with soothing, genuine sincerity and passion. Her honest lyrics reveal a perceptive eye and vulnerable heart.
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Track Name: Nostalgia
[Verse 1]:
Do you want to be exploring with me
Take a little time to see
what we can find
Skipping through the forest
Like a little bunch of kids
I think I remember
All the things we did with…
Nostalgia, Nostalgia
Nostalgia, Nostalgia-a-a-a
[Verse 2]:
Close your eyes and count to ten
Spin around and just pretend
You don't know where I'm hiding
But you can hear me laugh
A couple minutes
Later we were rolling in the grass

Flash backwards, our pictures
Cramped inside those frames
Adventures with heroes
Bigger than our games.

(To chorus)
Track Name: From Your Little Sister
[Verse 1]:
I don't think you know
How rare it is to find
A guy like you
In this age and time.
You got some powerful stuff
Inside your soul,
A heart that loves
And eyes that glow
So Mister…
This is coming from your
little sister.
I think you're wonderful
The way you are.
And those guys
get what they want
By telling lies,
And hide behind their disguise
To feel some power.
But you will always be…
A hero to me.
[Verse 2]:
I don't think you see
All the girls
looking at you longingly.
You're not afraid to
Stand up for the weak.
You swim against the current

(To chorus)
Track Name: Don't Rush Me
[Verse 1]:
You say yes, and I say no
I say stop and you say go
I refuse to do,
What you have to say
Just remember I won't do,
What you tell me to
If I find the timing wrong
I won't go along.
Because I'm painting a picture…
But the paint is not yet dry.
I haven't found my silence yet,
So don't force me aside.
The night has not yet come
So don't go
looking for the stars.
I'll go when I'm ready
Come when I'm steady,
So don't rush me into things.
[Verse 2]:
You say we should take it fast,
And I say we should
take it slow.
Why should we fast forward
When we only have one life.
This is not a game
Of hide and seek,
If I'm not ready
Don't come looking for me.
(to chorus)
Ooo… ooo… don't rush me,
Don't rush me into things
Ooo…ooo…I'll go when I'm ready
Come when I'm steady…
(to chorus)
Track Name: Tired Heart
[Verse 1]:
Silly little heart of mine,
What did you do this time?
Got yourself in deep waters
No one's going to save you.
Silly little yearning heart,
You weren't meant to play that part.
You were always second best,
On his list, give up, give it a rest...
Tired, tired heart. Tired, tired heart.
You've been flying into windows
And pounding on locked doors.
Feel like you're getting closer
But his heart was never yours.
Tired, tired heart.
Just give up the fight and flat line.
[Verse 2]:
Every little word they say,
Takes you back to that first day.
He took the time to smile
In your direction.
You were always by his side,
Every single time he cried.
Went out of your way to say
you'd always be there.
I'll always be there.

But... (to chorus)
Track Name: Procrastinate
[Verse 1]:
Tell me once, tell me twice,
Isn't this, this so nice
To lay here in each others' arms.
Don't look now, it's getting late
Maybe we procrastinate
And put off, when you have to go.
And I don't know, If time could slow.
Give us permission, to just linger on.
But the seconds sprint on,
And it won't be long
Before the worlds that both need us
To pull us apart.
[Verse 2]:
I'm caught somewhere in between
Of feeling lost and feeling seen
Your fingers trace, a map in the dark
The questions that we both ignore
Are waiting there, behind your door
But I won't let them in
And you won't let them in.